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4November, 2020
by Administrador


Los Mangos Library is a civil association, that is, it always works and operates thanks to the contributions and donations of different groups of citizens who contribute work and / or money to build and maintain it. Each payment for any of the courses or workshops, for attending an event in the Library, which makes a donation  that allows us to continue serving and offering services for free  such as consultation and loans of books, movies or use of computers among others.


14August, 2020
by Administrador

Annual Art Auction

Thanks to the support of the community, the Los Mangos Library has established itself as an important cultural reference in the region for being an inclusive space that favors learning and human development.

It encourages the development of creative and sensitive thinking through reading and practice in various artistic manifestations. To continue with open doors, we depend on the goodwill and willingness of the artistic community to participate in the Annual Art Auction that represents the The most important fundraising event that this time will take place on Thursday, February 20, 2020 at your Los Mangos Library.

We invite you to be part of this great effort!


13August, 2020
by Administrador

Tour de Esculturas en Puerto Vallarta

For more than a decade, Gary Thompson, Honorary Friend of the Los Mangos Library and owner of theGallery Pacific, has been offering guided tours of the Malecon sculptures from Puerto Vallarta. These tours are completely free and only a voluntary contribution is requested, destined for the Library.
Tuesday Malecón Sculptures Tour 9:30 am starts at the Millennium Sculpture by Mathis Lídice next to the Rosita hotel.
Thursday Tour starts at Galería Pacífico at 6:00 pm until Plaza Lázaro Cárdenas ending at sunset.