Los Mangos Library is a civil association, that is to say, it always works and operates DUE TO THE CONTRIBUTIONS AND DONATIONS of different groups of citizens who contribute work and / or money to build and maintain it. Each payment for any of the courses or workshops, for attending an event in the Library, which MAKES A DONATION that allows us to continue serving and offering FREE SERVICES such as consultation and loans of books, movies or use of computers among many other services.

Ways to support the work of the Library

We depend on the support of generous people like you to help finance the library heritage, Internet access, literacy classes, children’s story hours and much more. Your donation helps keep these vital services FREE for all Vallarta residents and visitors.

No matter the amount.

Become an honorary friend of Los Mangos Library, you can choose the monthly amount according to your possibilities and direct payment to a credit or debit card.




You can also donate something of the most valuable thing that exists, your time and talent for the benefit of the Los Mangos Library. Many of our programs, courses, and workshops operate with volunteers. Commit yourself to the Vallarta community as another way to understand the world and enrich your point of view.


Do what

The business community can also be friends of the Library, they support our commitment
to serve the Vallarta community, none of the services we offer would be possible without the generosity of business friends who make contributions that enrich our mission.

Donating is kind and leaving a legacy Library is possible, which allows us to continue providing free and open services to education and opportunities for future generations.

Download the list of options to donate in kind.

With your donation we print your name and personalized message inside a book that circulates in the Los Mangos Library, it is like giving a book to each person who uses it.


SIf you have artistic and / or cultural knowledge and skills that you want to share with the community, the library may be the way to make this possible.
Download the following format: Fill out your information and send it to

We can always find together how to collaborate with the community,
if you are interested or have any other idea to collaborate with the Los Mangos Library, contact us!

Help us to enrich our bibliographic collection by donating a book. The reading promotion team has carefully selected the necessary books. Check the list of books, donate a book and send it to Biblioteca, books for everyone.