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Reforesting thought reading

Los Mangos Library since 1996 has been dedicated to containing, increasing and making available to the population of Puerto Vallarta and its metropolitan area, a bibliographic heritage of general interest, and encourage reading as an essential way for learning and development. 

  • Use of Books in the Room
  • Loan of books at home
  • Free Internet

We are very proud to offer a decent and functional space for all people, regardless of age, nationality or creed.


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Story Time

Reading promotion activity for boys and girls 2 years and older, accompanied by their parents. Designed to sensitize and motivate participants, as future reading trainers, through reading and dramatizing it.

  • Story Time presents the adaptation of classic and modern children’s texts organized in thematic cycles where stories are told the same with puppets and masks as with shadows, or other theatrical techniques.
  • An emblematic activity in Los Mangos Library, we wait for you every Saturday at 12:30 hrs. in the Children’s room
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Reading Clubs

In the Library clubs, participation and the exchange of ideas and emotions are encouraged.

Participants select and decide their own dynamics. We have a Reading Club for Children, Youth and Adults.

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Our Readers recommend

Each reader to his book and each book to his reader

Help other readers find their book, recommend that book you found in Biblioteca Los Mangos and want to share your experience to help another reader #ReaderToReader