We are Los Mangos Library

We are Los Mangos Library


In 1993 a group of citizens concerned with strengthening the cultural life of the city and the opportunities of the population to access it, got together to form Pro Biblioteca de Vallarta, AC, a civil association that would convene residents, visitors, government and business community to join efforts to build a Library for Puerto Vallarta.

Finally, on November 30, 1996, the Library opened its doors for the first time, with 15,000 volumes and serving an average of 1,500 users monthly. Los Mangos Library:

  • It is the only one of its kind in the Bahía de Banderas region
  • provides more than 4,500 individual monthly services
  • It provides around 800 books and issues an average of 100 new credentials monthly.
  • It has a collection of almost 30,000 books in Spanish and English
  • It has services and technology for the visually impaired, a video library and an audio library.
  • It has integrated into its services a Cultural Center that offers workshops and courses in performing arts, plastic arts, music, etc.
  • It has a room dedicated exclusively to children’s literature.
  • It has 4 multipurpose rooms for groups of 10 to 80 people, a dance room and two piano rooms.
  • It has hosted conferences, exhibitions and meetings of national and international artists.


To offer the community an inclusive space that favors learning and human development. Encourage the development of creative and sensitive thinking through reading and practice in various artistic manifestations.


We aspire to be a cultural reference in the region, distinguishing ourselves by promoting reading, artistic.

  • Values
  • Kindness
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Honesty

Board of Directors

Lic. Yozozky Dinorah Cortés González

board of directors


Lic. Ana Wulf

board of directors


Lic. Isela Mariscal

board of directors

Directora General

C. P. Gloria Verónica Aguirre Soriano

board of directors


Mario Alberto Moreno Pérez

board of directors


Library Staff



Administrative Director

Juan Azuara


Head of Library Section

Macías Rodríguez


Reading promoter

Germán Pahua


Assistant Librarian

Sandy Denisse


Social Service Promoter

Elsy Fernanda Jiménez Figueroa


Event and workshop coordinator

Lucy Peña Robles